Albany, NY, is one of the TOP 5 most taxed cities in the Capital Region.

What are the DELIVERABLES for how high your taxes are in Albany?

  • CRIME is up 218% over the past 5 years, according to the FBI
  • POVERTY has exceeded the national level by 43%
  • BLIGHT has become so bad that New York State and Albany County have had to step in to help
  • Over 65% of land in Albany is TAX EXEMPT increasing the burden on everyday residents

As Mayor of Albany, I will address the needs of residents that directly relate to keeping our city safe and provided for through deliverables for our hard-earned tax dollars.

I hold an M.A. in Journalism and I spent 5 years working as the Managing Editor of a company where I spent my time collaborating with CPAs, tax attorneys, real estate brokers, CEOs, money managers, venture capitalists, private equity investors, and angel investors one of the most important things I learned was how to spot a bad investment. The city of Albany under Kathy Sheehan’s chokehold has eroded Albany into a bad investment for tax payers because it has produced NO BENEFICIAL RETURN for your tax investment.

It is obvious to us all that the policies of incumbent Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan have FAILED the people of Albany.

As of Sept, 4, 2021, there have been 67 shootings and 14 homicides in the city, as well as thousands of bullets flying across the city, indiscriminately, out of car windows, across streets and even into homes!

It is time to TRANSFORM the leadership in Albany’s City Hall and use our TAX DOLLARS toward our SAFETY!

As I campaign throughout Albany, I am asked two questions more than any other:

1) What is the city doing about crime?

2) What are my TAXES going toward?

Read below to learn the details of my plan to TRANSFORM TAXES in Albany

As Mayor of Albany, I commit that I will not raise property taxes in the first year of my leadership. During year one, our residents will have a much-needed reprieve using COVID relief funding, so that we can spend that year scrutinizing the city’s expenses, efficiencies, deficiencies, needs, deliverables, transparency, accountability, millions in COVID relief funding and billions in unused grant money to support our transformation.

I commit to a full and transparent accounting of this city’s fiscal priorities. We will fine tune our policies to expose and eliminate wasteful spending and focus our spending on investments that deliver to our residents quality of life in everything from public safety to potholes.

After year one, I am committed to matching every dollar of increased taxes with a dollar of cuts in the city’s budget. I am confident that with better stewardship, a fiscally conservative approach and wiser spending, our budget and tax burden will stabilize and produce a return on our investment.

Kathy Sheena’s multiple failures to manage money have resulted in an annual hat-in-hand begging of the state for relief. What a disgusting embarrassment! The city of Albany can learn to stand on its own two feet and we will beg from no one going forward! Under my leadership as mayor, I commit to focusing on providing actual deliverables that produce swift returns to the quality of life for residents, but we cannot begin our transformation without cutting away the dead, useless, unproductive, diseased parts so new life can grow.

We will wisely use COVID relief funding to provide credits and reduced fees for residents and businesses, to support the expansion of small business presence in our city, representative of our diverse communities and to honoring our neighborhoods ward by ward. We will provide incentives for families to come and put down roots and expand our tax base by swiftly addressing our safety needs, up front.

The city of Albany is loaded down non-religious, tax exempt properties owned by the Kathy Sheehan’s donors and friends, taking up massive swaths of land- like blighted buildings. Kathy Sheehan has allowed our beautiful city to crumble away into a shantytown where crime is rampant and blight and filth overwhelm residents. As Mayor of Albany, I will work with the county directly to get blighted structures torn down and get them back onto the tax roll – ASAP – reducing the mountains of bureaucratic red tape and turning those those negatives into positives. My administration will keep and increase revenue and not give it away to special interest groups who get to remain tax free and burdensome to the people.

Kathy Sheehan’s failed policies have spread Albany residents thin and have distorted the definitions of the powers of taxation this city is granted. Property owners are not the ATM machines of the city- nor should the state be!


Under my leadership, the TRANSFORMATION of Albany will start with addressing our most urgent need and what brings us the most immediate return on our tax investment: SAFETY.

Under incumbent Kathy Sheehan’s failed leadership, most residents of Albany don’t realize that her administration has begun to defund the Albany police department. In the past year alone, $600,000 has been slowly siphoned off of the police budget and reallocated away from safety needs in the city. What could have been done with just that $600,000 in taxpayer money to aid in our safety?

As Mayor of Albany, here is what I will do:

1) Update technology to streamline how Albany police issue reports following an incident with the ability to produce QR codes, scan information, upload pictures and file reports to give to residents.

2) Purchase state-of-the-art self reporting systems for non-violent incidents allowing civilians, social workers and mental health advocates to file reports that a detective can follow up on.

3) Work to bring 9-1-1 dispatch for Albany back into the city of Albany to reduce wait times and increase efficiency.

4) Immediately address the personnel needs of the Albany Police Department that directly relate to keeping our city safe and provided for through hard-earned tax dollars.

5) Prioritize spending for the Albany Police Department that reduces waste and accommodates for DELIVERABLES for taxpayer SAFETY. Here’s just one, small example: Taxpayers in Albany are currently paying up to $70,000 per month in repairs (tire changes, tune ups) for police cars because of contracts with private car dealerships! As mayor, I will create jobs and opportunities by creating well-paid city mechanics who work on police cars and safe the city tens of thousands of dollars per month in tax dollars. I will work with Albany county to repurpose blighted buildings and properties to be used as city locations for in-house car repair for APD vehicles.

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