How the city of Albany thinks of revenue must be transformed! “What is there to do in Albany?” is a common question and, for the capital city of New York State, Albany has been left to decay.

Tourism is all but dried up. The city is unattractive to visitors, new families, small businesses, innovation and suffering financially without much-needed revenue, which causes taxes to go up- what can be done? PLENTY.

Transforming REVENUE starts with a transformation in our safety, first and foremost.

Tourists aren’t interested in visiting a city with bullets flying, surrounded by blight and trash. Albany’s shabby shantytown reputation must be addressed!

And then? We begin to transform our revenue streams!

Riverfront Vitality: Albany’s beautiful riverfront is an under-utilized and over-regulated area filled with potential revenue. Kathy Sheehan’s micromanaging has threatened the small businesses who want to attract revenue to the waterfront. The city’s endless red tape, permits, fees and fines attract “money”, but not revenue- and it is an unsustainable approach to stewardship!

As Mayor of Albany, I will plow through barriers to open the path for businesses to open kayaking rentals, coffee shops, waterfront activities like fishing and boating, and local eateries. So we can start to bring multi-layered streams of revenue into the city.

City-wide fairs and festivals: The city of Albany loves to celebrate its many cultures! Unfortunately, there is discord, fracturing and fear among communities because of the crime and blight that plague our most challenged areas. While the current administration continues to fumble and drop the ball, the city suffers and dwindles into ongoing poverty.

As Mayor of Albany, our city will bring in fresh streams of revenue with large-scale cultural celebrations that attract tourism, shopping, farmer’s markets, visitors and supports who see themselves represented among our city’s many diverse residents.

Art and History: Albany is filled with a rich history and artists of every kind who are ignored, unsupported and left to flounder in obscurity. Our state museum has been left to grow stale with exhibits that have been in place for generations. We are loaded down with garbage and a landfill that has hit the point of crisis – all areas in which revenue can be brought back into the city!

As Mayor of Albany, I will tackle another layer of our multi-faceted approach to revenue through the development and creation of green, tourism-focused natural attractions and a science museum specific to children and families that will not only bring in revenue to the city, but will also attract tourism dollars and support surrounding local businesses.

But first? WE MUST CREATE A CITY OF SAFETY– and to do that?


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