Albany is a city of neighborhoods!

As the capital city of New York State, our neighborhoods are diverse, complex and have a wide range of needs- and the current administration has failed miserably to address the many unique needs of each section of our city.

As “The People’s Mayor”, my focus is on the PEOPLE of Albany, not the politics! Our neighborhoods are in trouble!!

With crime and blight, trauma, lazy leadership and a secret defunding of the Albany Police Department, our beautiful neighborhoods are dying off, disintegrating into a shabby shantytown shooting gallery.

I stepped up to run as Mayor of Albany with that in mind! The Sheehan administration is a proven failure. It’s time for a fresh vision and a fresh set of eyes, an administration that is creative, energetic and hard working!

As Mayor of Albany, my vision to transform our neighborhoods starts with a radical transformation in how the Albany Police Department is utilized and provided for. Public safety is our most urgent need!! We are hemorrhaging officers who hate working in Albany and despise incumbent mayor Sheehan for her multiple betrayals and leadership failures. How do we transform our neighborhoods? By working with PEOPLE who have the same vision and passion for our TRANSFORMATION.

As Mayor of Albany, my vision for our neighborhood TRANSFORMATION includes:

* Partnering with residents to keep streets and blocks clean with an “incentivized volunteerism” program

* Creating positions of leadership within neighborhoods that support resume building, opportunities for growth within the city and a structure of responsibility for youth.

* Supporting and expanding neighborhood initiatives already in place for the distribution of healthy foods, urban farming and education, and programs where families can access   

Poverty. Food insecurity. Blight. Economic opportunities. Equal access to resources. Protection. Education. Responsibility. Childcare. Community centers. Mentorship. All of these, and more, have been misappropriated by Albany’s current administration that spends money and doesn’t return that investment into Albany neighborhoods.

Our city has the resources IN PEOPLE to create an infrastructure of better security on top of a foundation of good people who care, whose hearts are invested in this city, who have a fundamental interest in our success.



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