Have you ever contacted City Hall by phone, email or the dead-end “See-Click-Fix” initiative? Has anyone from City Hall gotten back to you? If so, what were the results of that?

Promises that weren’t kept. False assurances. Or just a complete failure to follow through. Sadly, the way that the residents in Albany access City Hall has been convoluted and difficult for a reason- Incumbent mayor Sheehan doesn’t want to hear from you!!

As your next Mayor of Albany, I know that PEOPLE are our greatest resource, and how you access your city leadership and how your city accesses you will finally TRANSFORM.

How about this? There are events all through the city of Albany- but you missed out!

Why weren’t you informed? Why didn’t you get the information so you could participate? Why wasn’t your voice heard? What is going on in Albany that you or your kids of family might want to do? PLENTY!!

The city of Albany under Kathy Sheehan as FAILED AGAIN and has done a lazy, horrendous job of accessing the people of Albany who are in need, or who are looking for a resource or who just want to participate in something the city is doing.

Can that be fixed? ABSOLUTELY!

Part One: Transforming How You Access the City

As Mayor of Albany, I have no intention of creating more useless “jobs” with no accountability or concrete deliverables. However, as my administration creates a greater level of efficiency in city government, I commit to forming a dispatch center – a dedicated “Accessibility” department specifically for ensuring that the residents in Albany are able to access the city, and receive an answer, and then action. There will be a team in place to not only direct you to the resource or help that you need, from across this city, right in your neighborhood, but the person representing the city of Albany will pick up the phone and make sure your need is addressed on the spot!

This transformation in accessibility trickles down into everything our city needsincluding public safety.

In Albany, police response times are way too long, but that is NOT the fault of the Albany Police Department! Under Kathy Sheehan, the Albany police have been slowly defunded, and spread way too thin, especially when it comes to non-emergencies! But our city has outdated technologies, and nothing state-of-the-art to allow residents to self-report or to access services that are not urgent. When I am Mayor of Albany, we will transform how you access your city, and there will be a plan in place with accountability and deliverables so that when you access your city leaders, you are answered!

Part Two: Transforming How the City Accesses You

The city of Albany is filled with wonderful people, who have a heart and a passion for the work they are doing to help others. There are resources, opportunities, events and activities, but how you know they are occurring? (Many are scheduled on the exact same day!)

Albany’s current administration has been lazy at accessing you so that you are informed about what’s going on. Why? Because PEOPLE are the problem, for Kathy Sheehan! As “The People’s Mayor”, I see PEOPLE as the SOLUTION!

As Mayor of Albany, my administration will transform how the city of Albany accesses residents with information and that includes building up our public access channel, “Channel Albany”, creating a city text system, and a dedicated “Feet on the Street” team to ensure people in Albany are informed about resources, events and opportunities that they want to take advantage of. No more lazy Facebook posts!

No more silly, empty events- our city deserves better– and “The People’s Mayor” will work to transform the way the city and its PEOPLE interact!

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