The safety of Albany residents must be first and foremost. There is no other need in our city that is so crucial to our transformation.

Statistically, violent crimes and homicides are at an all-time high, skyrocketing around 220% year over year in the past 5 years. That is unacceptable!

Albany residents are dying in the streets, struck down by bullets, left to bleed out on the roadside while helpless families watch in terror. What can a new Mayor do to transform the crime crisis in Albany?


Kathy Sheehan’s failed leadership, her reactive style of crisis management and anti-police rhetoric have left Albany’s most challenged residents living in squalor, scraping by and suffering every day from an endless cycle of trauma. It’s time for a TRANFORMATION in Albany- starting with a NEW MAYOR.

A new mayor in Albany is only the first step to transforming our safety and policing- but it is the most crucial first step

~Alicia Purdy

My first order of business as Mayor of Albany will be to immediately get to work on strengthening the Albany Police Department.

Where Kathy Sheehan has secretly begun to defund the Albany Police Department by reallocating massive chunks of their budget, I will make sure funding for Albany police comes FIRST. We will not sacrifice our safety for social agendas!

Part of this plan includes working with APD to get a contract in place that reflects the strength and dignity of Albany, NY, but also provides the people of Albany with a fully-staffed police force who will work hard to expose the root of crime in our city.

Here are just a few ways funding will be spent for the Albany Police Department:​

·         State of the art technology: Albany’s policing technology is shammy trash and way behind what other cities are doing to address the needs of the people. Our budget will include self-reporting systems that will permit residents to address non-emergency needs that a trained civilian can help with, as well as updated technology for officers to carry so they can more efficiently report an incident on the spot, and a crime-stat system to convert our reactive policing to a proactive initiative that helps anticipate the movements of criminals in Albany.

·         New hires: Albany is down roughly 75 officers! As Mayor of Albany, we will get the police force built back up again, so we are operating at full strength! Kathy Sheehan has repeatedly associated Albany Police with the slave patrols from America’s early days and her dangerous perspective has led to a demoralized police force. She has refused to work out a contract since 2016- I will ensure they have one, ASAP. She has accused them of crimes. She has backed away from them in times of turmoil and now? The city cannot attract or keep fresh recruits. Word on the street is: ALBANY, NY IS A HORRIBLE PLACE TO SERVE AS A POLICE OFFICER. The result of Kathy’s hatred of police? The PEOPLE of Albany suffer.

·         Expanded education, restoration and certification: As Mayor of Albany, we will TRANSFORM how we think of policing, how we utilize our police, and how the police interact with Albany residents. Ongoing legal education, physical and special certifications are paramount for Albany police to stay on top of criminal activity. This includes everything from illegal ATVs to rioting. Albany’s defunded police are grappling with mandated overtime hours, exhaustion, a lack of education on ever-changing laws, lack of equipment and more.

As Mayor of Albany, I will ensure that the Albany Police Department are at the top of their game and better able to serve our city – and also are held accountable for their actions.


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