As “The People’s Mayor”, I firmly believe that our greatest resource for transformation is PEOPLE.

This perspective of leadership is transformative because Albany’s failed mayor Sheehan sees people as the problem, where as I know that people are the solution. When Albany’s leadership is people-focused, instead of focused on politics or power, transformation is the natural outcome.

As Mayor of Albany, I will ensure that our greatest resource, people, are the first priority in all our spending, in all our revenue creation, in all of our design, construction, revitalization, plans and processes. How is that accomplished?


By taking the time to listen to people.

By taking the time to ask people.

By taking the time to ensure people are informed.

By responding to people in their times of need.

By ensuring that people aren’t being gunned down in the streets like animals because of failed crime, policing and public safety policies.

Resources come in many forms, and money is not always the answer. But let’s talk money for a minute…

The city of Albany just came into approximately $75 million in COVID relief money– what is Kathy Sheehan going to do with it? She created a “COVID Relief Panel” stocked with her political allies who want to continue to control all of YOUR money.

As you read this, Sheehan is desperate to allocate all of that money before she loses in November! After seeing how Kathy has trashed Albany and mismanaged our taxes so far, should she be in charge of the millions that are to be used for our future?!


Here are just a few ideas for transforming RESOURCES in Albany- and it starts with PEOPLE:

·   Turning BLIGHT into beauty: The resources in Albany are plenty– We have land that has grown fallow. We have buildings that are decrepit and dangerous. We have a riverfront that hasn’t been utilized. We have businesses and hardworking people who want to pour into the city. We have offers of help from the state, Albany county and even national groups who want to come alongside of us- but Albany’s FAILED mayor, Sheehan, has turned them away!

As Mayor of Albany, I will harness every available resource to help TRANSFORM our city, using the power of people.

·  Supporting city staff: Our city resources like the police, DGS and fire are spread dangerously thin – underpaid and overworked, dealing with a constant cycle of angry residents and a flaccid mayor who turns a blind eye. The police have not had a contract since 2016 and they work hours of overtime because it’s “cheaper” while people suffer from a police force that doesn’t have the manpower to protect our city! Garbage piles up because DGS is in the same situation. Should it be this way in our Albany, the capital city of New York State? NO.

As Mayor of Albany, I will do better by our personnel resources, from the first day, so our experiences as residents improves across the board, from top to bottom.


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