Because of the FAILED POLICIES of the current administration in Albany, our youth opportunities are minimal and poorly executed. And on top of that, the opportunity to STAY ALIVE is under threat!

The failure of Albany’s leadership has become the failure of its people.

But with Alicia Purdy as Mayor of Albany there is hope for our TRANSFORMATION…

Over the past two terms, small businesses have been bogged down in red tape and bureaucratic power. Homeownership opportunities have been throttled by codes, fines, fees and zoning issues As Mayor of Albany, I will focus on transforming our opportunities across the board, starting with transforming the processes that ensure people are connected to opportunities that can support them – and that the path is cleared to get to them.

“…If you truly want to see TRANSFORMATION, you must be willing to do something TRANSFORMATIVE…”

~Alicia Purdy

My plan to TRANSFORM our opportunities in Albany includes:

·   Focusing on expanding youth opportunities: Opportunities for Albany’s youth have dwindled, or are poorly executed. On top of that, many are excluded from opportunities simply because they aren’t aware of them, or because they ran into a dead end in qualifying for an opportunity. Working with the Albany School District and a number of willing, experienced and committed adults, Albany youth will have a fresh wave of opportunities that run the gamut- job training, leadership opportunities, opportunities to build a resume, mentorship opportunities, opportunities to get involved with politics, and beyond!

·   Economic opportunities: Albany’s economy started to suffer following the pandemic, but our city was already suffering from failed city leadership in City Hall!

As Mayor of Albany, I will work to open doors to opportunities for homeownership, which will expand our tax base; I will work to address small business opportunities through tax incentives, tax holidays, and will use COVID relief money to help sustain those small business opportunities for the first year.

·   Expand revenue opportunities: Revenue creation in Albany stinks! And taxpayers are left to pickup the tab in high taxes! Yet, under my leadership, revenue in Albany will a major part of how Albany will TRANSFORM. Right now, people don’t want to visit Albany because the crime and death rates are way too high.

As Mayor of Albany, as crime is more effectively addressed, I will simultaneously work with developers and communities to present revenue opportunities that are creative and serve the city with real-life deliverables.

Ideas include: A children’s and science museum, historic walking tours, and a thriving riverfront that attracts tourists. Right now, most revenue is brought into Albany through fees, fines, penalties and the money of state workers- with no benefit to residents! As Mayor of Albany, I commit to a revenue transformation by harnessing the power of PEOPLE who want to see our city thrive again!

But first? Kathy Sheehan MUST GO.

It’s time to vote out FAILURE and vote for the TRANSFORMATION of Albany with Alicia Purdy for Mayor!

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