My Pledge to You

As your Mayor, I pledge to focus my efforts on transforming the city of Albany into the safe, vibrant, thriving community of neighbors that my fellow citizens deserve, and on making our city more welcoming to new businesses, more stable for locally-owned businesses, and more diverse with greater opportunities for the advancement of communities of color.

I pledge to address public safety from all angles, supporting our brave police and firefighters who bravely put their lives on the line, as well as our neighbors and friends who desire to raise their families, conduct business and live their lives in peace with each other and with law enforcement.

I pledge to work with the Albany City School District, where the next generation of our city are in training right now, to support their efforts in the most difficult era of education we have ever faced. I pledge to get creative, pool our collective resources and find new ways to facilitate our students’ achievements, because I firmly believe that education is the path to personal freedom and success for the individual, the community and the nation.

I pledge to work with Albany’s Common Council, our legislative branch, to address the every day needs in our communities, ranging from potholes in the street and snow removal to increased visibility and access for residents who want their voices to be heard and beyond! I pledge to help amplify the voices of Albany’s residents and to work with the leaders across the city to ensure accurate and fair representation.

I pledge to make sure our growth does not come at the price of hefty tax increases, but instead has a solid foundation whereby we can sustain what we build through reinvesting into ourselves. I pledge to stand up, speak out and push back against all of the unending and unnecessary bureaucratic red tape to ensure that Albany, N.Y. is a city where individuals, families and businesses put down roots, grow and thrive.

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