We can all agree that the way the city of Albany has been managed for the past 8 years is a major FAIL.

We can all see that blight has overtaken our beauty.

We can all hear the gun fire ringing through our streets.

We can all understand that our taxes are way too high for deliverables that are way too low.

As Mayor of Albany, my management of the city will be transformative because the leadership in Albany will finally be people-focused, over politics and power.

What does that mean, in practical terms?

That means the team in place at City Hall, under my leadership as “The People’s Mayorwill not be stacked with more politicians or people who are part of the political chess game in Albany.

The team under my administration will be focused on serving people, listening to people, reaching out to people, connecting people with resources, addressing conflict between communities of people and communities and the police, approaching taxes and spending with people in mind.

We will tackle complex questions from a people-focused point of view like: What brings the most back to the people? How can people benefit the most from this project? What people have a need that we can help with?

As Mayor of Albany, my style of management will be focused on leadership, not rulership.

I will immediately address a major gap in our city of raising up other leaders, empowering leaders, training leaders, and utilizing leaders– not micromanaging people and processes into the ground with endless, wasteful committees, agenda-based lawmaking,

The management of our taxes, revenue, accessibility, neighborhoods, safety and policing, facilities, opportunities and resources must be put into more capable hands. It’s time to FIRE KATHY SHEEHAN and let a fresh set of eyes and a new vision bring in a new season of TRANSFORMATION.

It is time to FIRE KATHY SHEEHAN for her FAILURE to effectively manage the city of Albany

Donate. Volunteer. Every person matters in Albany, with ALICIA PURDY FOR MAYOR.

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