Get to Know Alicia Purdy, “The People’s Mayor”

The Past

I was born and raised in the Capital Region and moved into Albany in 2001. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and a Master’s degree in Journalism. My writing and editing career has spanned the globe and I’ve covered everything from government to business and finance to religion as the Managing Editor of several publishing companies.

Each of these career facets added another layer of complexity and experience to my arsenal of leadership and prepared me for taking the next step in my career.

A long time ago, one of my mentors in journalism said to me, “If you want to change the world, run for office.” From that point on, I decided that I would one day run for office so that I could use my skills and abilities, education and experience to help as many people as possible in the city that I love.

The Present

I am campaigning for Mayor of Albany as “The People’s Mayor” because I firmly believe that the greatest asset we have in our city is our people. Our city is filled with beautiful diversity, but what unites us all is the desire to live in safety, to have a city that we can be proud of, to thrive, and have a strong economic foundation upon which we can build our lives.

The driving force behind “The People’s Mayor” is Albany’s people- every race, every culture, every lifestyle, every expression of individuality, every community, every religion (or non-religion)… We are united more than we are divided and my vision for Albany is that we start transforming our city from the starting point of common ground, lead by a Mayor whose only agenda is the people!

The Future

The future of Albany is on the edge of a precipice. After 100 years of a single-party rule, the city is desperate for change, but that will not happen if something doesn’t fundamentally shift in how the city’s leadership is structured.

Albany has the potential to be the greatest small city in America! We live in the capital city of the capital state of the world- and we should be drowning in taxes; our families should not be food insecure; Our residents should not be surrounded by blight and being shot at on the streets and falling behind in school.

Albany’s leadership and policies have utterly failed and it’s time to insist on change, and to vote for change with “The People’s Mayor”!

From the neighborhood

Our family is an average income, every day family- just like yours! I live in the heart of the city of Albany and I share all the same concerns as my fellow residents, but as a leader, I am willing and able to stand up and voice the words of the people I live among, whose fears I have experienced, whose sidewalks I have shoveled, whose pizza I buy, and whose kids play with mine at the park. I am confident that we have more in common than what divides us and a good leader will help facilitate success in the city by first facilitation the success of its people.

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