The city of Albany must TRANSFORM how its facilities are utilized to better serve our diverse communities. Too many city-owned facilities are in disrepair and ignored while residents are left empty-handed!

We are disabled. We are young. We are old. We are American. We are immigrants. We are artists. We are sports-oriented. We are book enthusiasts. We are teachers. We are students. We are city taxpayers. We are city visitors. WE ARE ALBANY.

How can a new mayor TRANSFORM Albany’s facilities to better serve PEOPLE?

Albany’s city-run facilities are outdated, shabby looking and some are literally crumbling!

As Mayor of Albany, I will work with city employees, communities, charities, private companies and donors, churches and other non-profits to pour resources into our city’s facilities and we will TRANFORM how our facilities serve our communities.

Here are just a few of the plans to TRANSFORM facilities in Albany when I am Mayor of Albany:

·   Increase inclusivity and disabled access to parks, especially for children. As a mother of 5 children and as someone who grew up with a physically disabled person in my home, I was keenly aware of how poorly designed Albany’s playgrounds are for children who have sensory issues or who are physically disabled.

As Mayor of Albany, I have a vision to transform the way that we utilize our facilities and that includes everything from our pools and splashpads to our youth centers and senior centers to our parks and buildings where many in our communities spend their time.

·   More thoughtful playground design: Our Albany playgrounds must also include opportunities for parents and caregivers to interact with children. Many other cities have tandem equipment for parents and children to play together, and multiple studies have shown that playing together is bonding for loving adults and children. I want our city to be attractive to families who want to put down roots and thrive in Albany!

·    Repair and refocus community centers: Many of Albany’s vital community centers have been shuttered or they’re a shell of what they once were. Thirty years ago, community centers in Albany were thriving as places kids wanted to run to after school. But now? They’re boring and kids would rather stay home, but there are plenty of people want to help!

When I am Mayor of Albany, we will invite and embrace all who want to help- teach, mentor, invest, spend time, provide, facilitate and come alongside our youth and be part of transforming our youth centers.

But first? Kathy Sheehan MUST GO.

Sheena’s failed policies have brought Albany to the brink of disaster. ALICIA PURDY is the right person to lead Albany into TRANSFORMATION!

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