Why I’m Running

I am running for Mayor of Albany because, while many wish they could do something to bring necessary changes, many are unable to.

I am running because I AM Albany and so are you. I am running because I have roots here and I love my city, and I know that I can make a positive difference in how our collective future is formed.

I am running because our skyrocketing crime rates are unacceptable. I am running because my children, and yours, deserve parks to play in without parents glancing around in fear. I am running because you and I deserve to go jogging, take a walk with the dog and wait for a bus without wondering if we are safe. I am running because drugs, addiction, domestic violence, child abuse, poverty and mental health need solutions that work in the long term and bring lasting changes, not band-aids and empty promises, endless roundtable discussions and committees.

I am running because the leaders who run Albany aren’t paying attention anymore and it’s time for fresh blood, a fresh set of eyes and fresh vision.

Albany, N.Y. has a population of nearly 100,000 people with an average income of about $45,000. The city’s poverty rate is currently around 38%!

(Read more about Albany’s statistics here)

Albany is at a crossroads. We live in the same city, but are worlds apart. I am running because I have worked throughout my entire life to make a positive difference in the world as a journalist, a missionary, a faith leader, a mother, a friend and a neighbor- and I want to bring my leadership skills, experience, grit and determination, compassion and hard work ethic into my city and help facilitate a world where what unites us becomes the focus, instead of what divides us. We are stronger together.

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