Sheehan Campaign Flubs Attempt to Discredit Alicia Purdy in Mailer

Oct. 29, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, the challenger to failed incumbent mayor Sheehan, came out swinging Thursday with a viral response to a mailer from Sheehan’s political cronies. In the video, which racked up thousands of views overnight, Purdy responded point by point to each item on the list of “charges”, garnering a tidal wave of support across political parties in Albany.

According to Purdy:

“The mailer sent out by the friends of Kathy Sheehan was a ridiculous and overt attempt to smear my excellent reputation as a candidate and to distort the facts. It was the perfect opportunity to expose to the people of Albany the lengths to which a failed incumbent will go to deceive them, again. Sheehan isn’t even from the state of New York, let alone from Albany and her administration has proven that she is an out-of-touch outsider. This was a laughable fumble from the current failure administration and it was easy, quick and painless to destroy this little straw man piece by piece- and my good-natured, transparent response went immediately viral across the city of Albany. That speaks volumes. We all had a good laugh- and now? WE VOTE OUT FAILURE.”

Watch Alicia Purdy’s Viral Response to the Sheehan Mailer here:

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Alicia Purdy is an independent, multi-media journalist with an M.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Broadcasting. Learn more at:

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