“Deplorable, filthy and corrupt” – Alicia Purdy Pens Open Letter in Response to Reports of Sheehan Fraud

Oct. 24, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy penned the following letter to residents in Albany after receiving “The Whistleblower’s Report: City Hall Confidential”, a shocking compilation of data pertaining to election corruption in the Sheehan administration including confidential emails, transcripts of Common Council conversations, cited violation of legal statues and ordinances in Albany, and allegations of election fraud, conflicts of interest in Sheehan’s Mayoral appointees, abuse of taxpayer money and HERO pay, and an attempt from incumbent mayor Sheehan to coerce the Blue Collar Union Local 66 into negotiating a contract before the election, among other things.

To the residents of the city of Albany, NY, on behalf of the residents of the city of Albany, NY, and in defense of the residents of Albany, NY, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am aware of the shocking allegations contained in “The Whistleblower’s Report: City Hall Confidential” and have spent the past several days combing through its details- and here is my response:

“To say that the information contained in “The Whistleblower’s Report” was utterly deplorable, filthy and corrupt to the core is an understatement. This report presents a strong, solid case for proven, rampant and ongoing corruption and election fraud in the Sheehan administration, abuse of the good faith of the people of Albany and shows that the elected representatives on the Common Council were fully aware of incumbent mayor Sheehan’s underhanded maneuvers to bypass the Common Council’s oversight and to fracture city workers from their union in order to influence the outcome of the 2021 mayoral election. I commend the courage of the author of this report and, on behalf of the people of Albany, I thank them for their willingness to bravely expose Sheehan’s dark secret.”

Such subversive, dishonest actions from an elected official cannot go without challenge and consequence! For the sake of transparency, this is a link to the full copy of “The Whistleblower’s Report: City Hall Confidential” that I received and have downloaded to make available to all.

1. I call upon the voters in Albany to demand a NEW MAYOR with their vote for ALICIA PURDY on Nov. 2, 2021.

2. I call upon every elected official on the Common Council of Albany to stand in defense of the people you represent and publicly support the removal of Albany’s corrupt mayor from office. Clearly from this report, you are aware of this corruption and now that voters are aware of it too, we insist you act immediately to expose corruption in the Sheehan administration and restore our trust in your leadership.

3. I call upon the residents in Albany to immediately reach out to their Common Council members and demand answers and action against a Mayor they know to be corrupt, and unfit for office. (Click here for a Common Council Ward map and contact information, or review the list at the bottom of this letter; and below is a list of addresses of local media who must reach out and demand Sheehan be immediately pursued to answer for these abuses.)

4. I call upon the local media in Albany to prove to their subscribers, viewers and followers that they are unbiased and value governmental integrity and demand answers and accountability from incumbent mayor Sheehan who has abused her power and violated the good faith of the people of Albany.

5. I call upon the Albany County District Attorney David Soares, the Albany County Legislature, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, the Albany County Executive Dan McCoy and the Albany Police Department to open an immediate investigation into these allegations of election fraud, abuse of power and misuse of Hero pay and the general treasury of the city of Albany, among other issues presented.

6. I call upon every union representative in the city of Albany to stand up and speak out against Sheehan’s attempts to purchase loyalty and votes from hardworking essential workers, for withholding essential pay, stalemating contract negotiations and mailing fraudulent letter to the city workers you represent in an attempt to fracture the union and pressure its leadership, using essential pay as a bargaining chip before the 2021 mayoral election.

People of Albany, the horrific corruption and abuses of the Sheehan administration run deep and wide and are only the beginning, mark my words. Voters of Albany, we must remove Kathy Sheehan from office on Nov. 2, 2021! I am appalled and ashamed of the information that has come to light, but this just proves that, indeed, the first step in the transformation of Albany is A NEW MAYOR. I stand with you, for you and in defense of you. What do you see for Albany’s future, and which leader will guide the city in that direction? THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THIS ELECTION.

Fighting for our Albany,

Alicia Purdy, for Mayor of Albany – Nov. 2, 2021

WAMC: Dave Lucas – News@WAMC.org

Times Union: Albany reporter Steve Hughes – SHughes@timesunion.com. Letter to the Editor – tuletters@timesunion.com, Editorial Editor Jay Jochnowitz – JJochnowitz@timesunion.com, tucitydesk@timesunion.com

News Channel 10 (ABC): news@news10.com

WRGB, Channel 6 (CBS): news@wrgb.com

Spectrum News: albanynews@charter.com

WNYT, Channel 13 (NBC): producers@wnyt.com

Council of Albany Neighborhoods Association: Zachary Simpson – uptowncooperative@gmail.com

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Albany Branch: Albanynaacp1@gmail.com

League of Women Voters of Albany County: lwvac@lwvAlbany.org


COREY ELLIS, Common Council President
Phone: 518-478-6441, cellis@AlbanyNY.gov

SONIA FREDERICK, Ward 1 Representative
Phone: 518-533-8110, SFrederick@AlbanyNY.gov

DEREK JOHNSON, Ward 2 Representative
Phone: 518-720-7118, deJohnson@AlbanyNY.gov

JOYCE LOVE: Ward 3 Representative
Phone: 518-221-6221, JoyceLovey53@gmail.com

KELLY KIMBROUGH: Ward 4 Representative, President Pro Tempore
Phone: 518-250-9267, KellyKimbrough4@gmail.com

JAHMEL ROBINSON: Ward 5 Representative
Phone: 518-209-7838, JRobinson@AlbanyNY.gov

RICHARD CONTI: Ward 6 Representative
Phone: 518-436-8546, RC6thWard@aol.com

CATHERINE FAHEY: Ward 7 Representative
Phone: 518-482-6159, CathyFahey7@yahoo.com

JACK FLYNN: Ward 8 Representative
Phone: 518-209-1975, JackFLynn8thWard@alicialicia

JUDY DOESSCHATE: Ward 9 Representative
Phone: 518-459-2889, JudyDoesschate@nycap.rr.com

OWUSU ANANE: Ward 10 Representative
Phone: 518-763-7083. OAnane@AlbanyNY.gov

ALFREDO BALARIN: Ward 11 Representative
Phone: 518-209-6922, ABalarin@AlbanyNY.gov

VIRGINIA FARRELL: Ward 13 Representative, Majority Leader
Phone: 518-944-0313, GFarrell@AlbanyNY.gov

JOSEPH IGOE: Ward 14 Representative
Phone: 518-489-3014, jigoe19932@aol.com

TOM HOEY: Ward 15 Representative
Phone: 518-378-1474, THoey@AlbanyNY.gov

Published by Alicia Purdy

Alicia Purdy is an independent, multi-media journalist with an M.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Broadcasting. Learn more at: www.PurdyAlicia.com.

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