Alicia Purdy Hits Homerun with Plans, People-Focused Leadership in Final Albany Mayoral Forum

Oct. 21, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy squared off against incumbent Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan during the final mayoral forum for the 2021 election cycle, focusing heavily on her plan for Albany’s future as the city grapples with record-breaking levels of violence, economic devastation and ongoing tensions among law enforcement and the Sheehan administration. In a departure from ‘politics as usual’, Purdy opted instead to primarily use her time to directly address the people of Albany, rather than the moderator or other candidates.

According to Purdy:

“There was an obvious and distinct contrast between my energy, vision and plan for Albany’s future and the tired sameness of the incumbent, whose past two terms have brought evident destruction and despair into our great city. Even the candidate who formed his own line in order to participate struggled to articulate a clear plan to comprehensively address Albany’s numerous needs and challenges. That’s not good enough for our city! My administration doesn’t just have a vision, we have a clear and focused plan that is centered on this crucial question: “How does this affect people?” More than once, I encouraged voters of all parties to go to the polls and envision what they want to see for Albany- and vote based on that goal: Safety. An aggressive pursuit of blight. Cleanliness. Economic prosperity through a stable fiscal foundation. Opportunities for homeownership. A thriving network of youth-focused initiatives. Deliverables. Accountability – My administration is transformative because people are the priority. Our city needs a Mayor with a fresh vision, a people-focused plan and who is a leader strong enough to face challenges head on- and that is me.”

“My “Operation T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” plan is not a list of to-do items. It is a comprehensive, balanced approach where each aspect of the plan must be taken into consideration before making a decision that affects any other part- and that is a transformative approach to our city’s needs and challenges. The final mayoral forum was well done and JoDee Kenney of Spectrum News did a fantastic job. The questions were hard-hitting, and they covered crucial aspects of life and concerns specific to Albany. I encourage Albany voters to listen to how things played out during the forum. What voters will absolutely and immediately see is the very clear and distinct differences that the knowledge, education and people-focused perspectives I bring to the table as Mayor will make as we move forward into Albany’s future.”

“Many thanks to the League of Women Voters of Albany County, the NAACP-Albany Branch, the Council of Albany Neighborhoods Association, and the Rockefeller College of Public Policy at SUNY Albany for sponsoring this event.”


Watch or listen to the entire forum here:

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