Alicia Purdy Attends Candidate Forum with Valerie Faust

Sept. 17, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy participated in a full-length forum with Rev. Valerie Faust, who is running for mayor as a write-in candidate. The event was moderated by Marc Gronich, News Director of Statewide News Service, and recorded at the SUNY Albany WCDB studio. Purdy presented her plan for Albany’s future under her leadership, “Operation: TRANSFORM” and spoke in-depth about a number of significant challenges facing the city of Albany.

According to Purdy:

“As the election draws near, it is imperative that the press in the Capital Region wake up and pay attention. I have been deeply disappointed in the news coverage from the local major networks and print media about such a pivotal mayoral race with two contenders on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Throughout my campaign, I have repeatedly reached out to all local media to point them to the numerous issues and headlines of the Albany mayoral race and offered interviews. They should be all over this! Yet, as the watchdogs and whistleblowers of this city’s government, they have not done their jobs covering Albany’s mayoral candidates, while glossing over Sheehan’s maskless stroll down Lark Street where she sipped hard cider and chatted happily as she passed Collin Rost whose business she shut down.”

“This race is a battle for Albany’s future and it is as much about methodology as it is ideology- and it will make or break the city of Albany. Kudos to Marc Gronich, Keith Irish and Channel Albany for their dogged persistence in ensuring that Albany’s mayoral candidates are given a media platform that serves the community interests and provides crucial information about who is running in this race.”

NOTE TO PRESS: Contact for interviews, comments, reactions, plans and to set up an event with candidates.

The full recording of the forum is below:

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