Alicia Purdy Exposes Racism, Abuses in Sheehan’s City Hall

Sept. 7, 2021 — Albany mayor candidate Alicia Purdy lambasted incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan for shutting down Cafe Hollywood, a locally-owned, veteran-owned business in Albany that attracts a largely black and culturally diverse clientele. Purdy stood with Cafe Hollywood owner Collin Rost as well as employees of the bar to take a stand against Sheehan’s abuse of power. Then, she openly called out each name of the Board of Zoning Appeals for their failure to operate as agents of the city.

According to Purdy:

“The Sheehan administration is well-known among the people of Albany for being performative and phony toward black residents, but this latest tactic was beyond the pale. While Albany residents are being murdered in the streets across the city, Sheehan shut down a small business as though it would stem the flow of violence. What message is Kathy Sheehan sending to Albany residents? That black people are inherently violent, which is one of the most openly racist things I’ve ever encountered.”

“Then, the day after my press conference, the Board of Zoning Appeals, all appointed by Kathy Sheehan, refused to show up and reach quorum in order to rule on the appeal of Cafe Hollywood, to reopen their business. This cowardly act is unacceptable for leaders in power in Albany, yet because each member was appointed by Kathy Sheehan, it is evident that this was yet another manipulative power play from her corrupt administration that damages and victimizes Albany yet again. Kathy Sheehan seems to think that solving crimes in Albany means shutting down a small business, proving, yet again, that her administration has utterly failed to comprehend even the most basic concepts of effective leadership.”

“This grossly obtuse abuse of power must stop and it is exactly why I am running against Kathy Sheehan. Simply put: Albany deserves better than her, and my vision for transformation will start with deposing the monarchy Sheehan has constructed around herself in City Hall.”


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