Alicia Purdy Addresses Vaccine Passports in Albany, Demands Answers from Sheehan

Sept. 1, 2021 — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spoke to a massive crowd at the Capital steps to stand in support of parental choice regarding the masking of children. Purdy demanded an answer from incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan about whether or not she would institute a vaccine passport in Albany, and then Purdy set the stage for Albany under her leadership as Mayor of Albany with a commitment to constituents.

According to Purdy:

“The day before I spoke at the Capitol steps, I watched in shame as incumbent mayor Sheehan strolled down Lark Street unmasked, surrounded by press, her friends and political allies, friends and neighbors in Albany before stopping to speak to several children, all of whom wore masks on that very warm day. The hypocrisy of Albany’s mayor was on full display- she parades around the city mask-free like a queen while we are under a mask mandate, and daily I receive complaints from residents who see that Sheehan is disconnected from the people of Albany.”

“I demanded an answer from Kathy Sheehan, and I will continue to do so: Will she issue an edict mandating a vaccine passport for Albany, as is already being done in New York City? I made a firm commitment to the residents of this city and I will stand by it- and hold myself to its perimeters as well: No more hypocrites in Albany’s leadership!”

Watch Alicia Purdy’s statement at the Capitol steps, below:

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