Homeless in Albany: Alicia Purdy Talks Life on the Streets

August 28, 2021 — Alicia Purdy, running for Mayor of Albany against incumbent Kathy Sheehan sat down with Troy, a gay, Democrat activist who lived for years on the streets of Albany after the city failed to help him.

According to Purdy:

“Troy’s experience is, sadly, not uncommon for many in Albany whom the city leadership has failed. Daily, I hear from people who see the destruction that Sheehan’s failed policies have harmed. Our city is in the midst of a housing crisis, even as the incumbent mayor, Sheehan, spends on new construction, charges inflated rent and then rakes in federal and state money to subsidize it. My solution to housing, through Operation: TRANSFORM, takes a different approach and utilizes the people who have a vested interest in the success of this city- and are willing to cross party lines to get to work on our city’s success.”

“Why would a gay, Democrat activist support Alicia Purdy for Mayor of Albany? Because my leadership is not about political power, it is about people- and it is abundantly clear that our city has been longing for a Mayor who truly cares about them and their lived experience in this city. The first step in our transformation is kicking the failed leadership out of their high places and putting people first!”

Watch Alicia Purdy and Troy Discuss Homelessness in Albany:

Published by Alicia Purdy

Alicia Purdy is an independent, multi-media journalist with an M.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Broadcasting. Learn more at: www.PurdyAlicia.com.

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