Alicia Purdy Slams Kathy Sheehan’s Close Cuomo Connection

August 11, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, the challenger for Mayor of Albany against Kathy Sheehan continues to make headlines for speaking out about Sheehan’s personal and political connections to disgraced NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to Purdy:

“Kathy Sheehan has attempted to scramble away from her personal connection to a known sexual harasser and politically corrupt governor, but it won’t work. It is well documented that Sheehan has spent the past two terms in Albany repeatedly praising Andrew Cuomo, begging Cuomo for money, receiving money from him as well as happily taking political opportunities and connections that benefit her. If Kathy Sheehan attempts to claim she wasn’t aware of the numerous abuses of power, rampant corruption, bad behavior, bullying, backroom deal making and deadly decisions of Andrew Cuomo, then she’s lying or inept– both of which are among the reasons I have called for her resignation, and will continue to do so.”

“Unlike Kathy Sheehan, who has failed Albany for eight years as mayor, I don’t have a picture of myself leaning in to Andrew Cuomo on my desk. I have no political promises to keep. I am not funded nor controlled by any corrupt politicians and I will never, ever stay silent about abuse of any kind. Standing with victims after the fact is not good enough for a leader in Sheehan’s position. As a sexual assault survivor, I will tell you first-hand that the silence of those in the know is consent, making her complicit in any one of the numerous bad acts of Andrew Cuomo. The people of Albany are sick of slick, smarmy politicians and that is why I am running as The People’s Mayor, to transform our city-starting with its leadership.”

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