Alicia Purdy Opens Campaign HQ, Hosts Volunteer Event

August 9, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, the challenger running against Albany incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan, officially opened her campaign headquarters and hosted a volunteer event attended by residents from across the city, across political party lines and across the Capital Region. Volunteers folded thousands of papers, prepared literature to hand out at doors, attached customized QR codes to lawn signs and listened to Purdy expand on the details of “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.”. Click here to view the event on Instagram

According to Purdy:

“Our team of volunteers at the first, official volunteer event for the campaign of “The People’s Mayor” represented a vast array of lifestyles, political views, experiences, belief systems, religions, and perspectives- and that was what made it so beautiful! Truly, the vision we have to TRANSFORM Albany is already well underway- starting with a transformation in how people think about the kind of leader they want and a transformation in the mindset of people held captive and afraid by a political party. This campaign is not about politics. It’s not about power. It’s not about promises that are made in private backrooms or over drinks at the golf club. The campaign of “The People’s Mayor” is exclusively focused on the people of Albany.”

“To a completely full house, I was excited to finally share the full details of “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” with our team of volunteers, discuss strategy and vision, and get to work on the next phase of our goal to TRANSFORM Albany!”

Contact Alicia Purdy for interviews, comments, to volunteer, host a fundraiser, forum or to set up a time to speak:

Published by Alicia Purdy

Alicia Purdy is an independent, multi-media journalist with an M.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Broadcasting. Learn more at:

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