Alicia Purdy Honors ‘Grammy’ on “National Gorgeous Grandma Day”

July 23, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, mayoral candidate for Albany, NY, honored her grandmother, Marion Rose Donnelly Nolan, “Grammy”, on National Gorgeous Grandma Day, July 23, 2021. Marion Nolan is a former model who owned a chain of hair salons and restaurants throughout the Capital Region and is a staunch Democrat who was close friends with former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and his wife, Matilda.

According to Purdy:

“When I was growing up, my Grammy would show up to my school Christmas plays wearing teeny, white hot pants and thigh-high boots, one of her signature hats covered in flowers and she had rings on every finger- and a perfect tan. In all of my 43 years, I’ve never seen Grammy without a full manicured set of nails or without her long, black eyelashes. Even after her stroke last year, those lashes and nails are still always flawless! She always has been truly gorgeous and glamorous! As I campaign for Mayor of Albany, I frequently wear pieces of vintage jewelry from Grammy’s vast collection with great pride and today, as we recognize “National Gorgeous Grandma Day”, our family pays tribute and love to Grammy by donning one of her signature hats- my mother, my two youngest daughters, and even my husband!”

Learn more about “National Gorgeous Grandma Day” here.

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