Alicia Purdy Meets Across the Aisle With Democrat Progressive Activist

July 21, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, who is running for Mayor of Albany on the Republican and Conservative lines against incumbent Kathy Sheehan, a Democrat, sat down for a wide-ranging, candid conversation with Alana Klein, a well-known transgender, progressive activist in Albany. The conversation “Across the Table, Across the Aisle” covered a number of hot-button issues in the city of Albany like the tear gas ban legislation (Local Law C and Local Law M), “equity versus equality”, disparity in the local economy, the Albany Police Department and the Public Safety Commission, tensions between APD and minority communities and more. Both Alicia Purdy and Alana shared their many differences in perspective about the issues that have divided the city of Albany.

According to Purdy:

“This event represented a significant development in my campaign as “The People’s Mayor” in Albany. For the past decade, the city of Albany has continued to fracture as a community because of the unwillingness and inability of Kathy Sheehan to lead this city effectively. Because of her multiple failures, all the people coexisting in Albany have suffered. This conversation “across the aisle” with a fellow resident in Albany whose life, experiences, beliefs and politics are vastly different than my own is one of the most important steps in our city’s transformation- a civil conversation about stressful subjects, expressing our differences, searching for common ground and choosing to focus on what unites us instead of what divides us. It is a foundation principle of my plan for Albany, “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” The leadership in City Hall has a legacy of repeated failures because of an inability to see the value in voices that do not echo back their tired narratives and unoriginal thoughts. Transformation in Albany has already begun to unfold through my approach to leadership as people like Alana, who truly desire to see this great city thrive, are breaking away from the chains, abuses and depravities of Albany’s status quo and are stepping forward to be part of the new vision- where we are able to work together toward transformation- and still remain true to ourselves.”

According to Klein:

I reached out to Alicia because, not only have I become increasingly frustrated with the Sheehan administration, but also because we have reached an unacceptable point in this country where every Republican is viewed as an insurrectionist, every Democrat is viewed as an anarchist, and bipartisanship is a dirty word. While we have fundamental differences, I believe that we both desire to see a vibrant, thriving Albany. The first step towards finding compromise is having a conversation, even if it’s civil discourse.”

View the conversation in its entirety, below, or click here to watch:


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