Alicia Purdy Talks Democrat Support, Campaign Growth with ‘Focus on Albany’

July 18, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, who is running for Mayor of Albany against incumbent Kathy Sheehan, spoke with Cynthia Pooler from “Focus on Albany” about the exponential growth of “The People’s Mayor” campaign, and receiving the support of Democrats in Albany who have turned their back on Sheehan.

According to Purdy:

“The campaign for “The People’s Mayor” has become a movement of people across the city, the county, the state and the country who have a vested interest in removing the failed leadership in City Hall and seeing an era of transformation in Albany. Democrats in the city of Albany have stepped up to help as much as Republicans have and that is exactly in line with the vision I have for Albany- a city filled with diversity, but united in our love for the city and our commitment to its transformation.”

“In Albany, the ratio of Democrats to Republicans is roughly 9 to 1 and while it seems like an impossible job, it’s not! It is widely known that the incumbent is deeply disliked, has lost the faith and trust of Albany and is an incapable leader who has invited chaos and death into our city. My plan for Albany’s future, “Operation T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” has ignited vision and hope from everyone across the city- Democrats, Republicans, progressives, conservatives, “no party” voters, city employees, police officers, community organizers, everyday residents, business owners, developers, landlords and everyone in between. A vote for Alicia Purdy is not a vote for a political party nor an ideology. A vote for Alicia Purdy is a vote for Albany- the city we love and want to see transformed!”

Click below for the full audio of the interview:


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