Paul Vandenburgh Chats with Alicia Purdy on Talk 1300

July 10, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany Mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spent an hour at the Capital Region’s Talk 1300 on The Paul Vandenburgh Show discussing her unique approach to addressing Albany’s many issues and needs as a Mayor. The wide-ranging conversation covered a number of subjects including Alicia’s personal history to strategies for winning the office of Mayor to working with Albany’s Common Council, which currently is comprised of 15 members all of whom are from one, single political party. Alicia also spoke to a caller who has spent months attempting harass her. Click below to hear Alicia’s response and to listen to the full interview.

According to Purdy:

Paul Vandenburgh is well-respected and well-known in the Capital Region, especially in Albany where he has been a vocal critic of incumbent mayor, Kathy Sheehan for her corruption and ineptitude and gross mismanagement of Albany. As a candidate for mayor who is running the most aggressive, energetic, bold campaign to win, it was an enjoyable conversation and an important one. People across the entire Capital Region are affected by what happens in Albany, especially our crime, which funnels outward like tentacles and creeps into every area, within every demographic, and every socio-economic condition- and people are fed up and angry.

As mayor, I have taken a firm stance against the lawlessness that has been allowed to overtake our city by the failed policies and flaccid approaches of the current administration. But I cannot do this alone. It will take the financial support, (click here to donate) the connections and relationships and the collective efforts of every person across the Capital Region who is affected by the city of Albany and wants to see true transformation- starting with its leadership.”

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