Alicia Purdy Unveils Plan for Albany’s Future, Calls for Resignation of Incumbent Mayor

July 7, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy stood in front of Albany’s City Hall on July 6 and called for the resignation of incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan, “effective immediately” for a litany of undisputed leadership failures and Sheehan’s widely criticized campaign corruption. Purdy also pointed out Sheehan’s “fiscal mismanagement, the lack of transparency and accountability and the destructive policies that have devastated our economy, the liveability and the reputation of the city Albany.”

Purdy soundly rejected Sheehan’s “Restart Albany” plan for “its lack of creativity, innovation and imagination and for its crooked political priorities and thievery from the people of Albany” and announced her plan, “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M” which will be unveiled in a series of press conferences throughout the summer.

According to Purdy, “Albany’s current mayor committed to the city that she would not run for a third term and then she rescinded that commitment when she decided that her experience would benefit the city in the future, setting herself up as yet another legacy mayor, another entrenched Albany monarch. What experience has shown us is that experience means absolutely nothing when it comes to one’s ability to lead well and manage effectively. This seemingly minor example holds massive implications for the city of Albany’s future because it proves that Sheehan cares more about power and politics than people- and that is why her administration continues to fail in this city. Our city has become desperate for a mayor who is transparent, keeps promises and leads by example, and supports the city through deliverables and accountability that directly affect the people who live here.”

“My campaign will not focus on the negative, but it is imperative we start here- these are the facts of the case, and they are all negative. Under my leadership as mayor, we can finally begin to work toward transforming our city and focusing on our many positives.”

Among other things, Purdy issued a series of charges against Sheehan including:

  • Overlooking local candidates in law enforcement and instead choosing a disconnected police chief who has repeatedly abandoned the city in times of need
  • Padding the city’s COVID Relief panel with wealthy elites, big development corporations who sit on boards with her, known political cronies and allies, and personal friends to make decisions over the top of Albany’s every day people
  • Failing to proactively address the city’s soaring crime, failing to hold people accountable for their actions and inviting chaos by declaring “we are a city of protestors”
  • Purchasing the election with a $380,000 personal loan to herself to avoid fundraising
  • Taking illegal campaign donations, participating in an illegal raffle and gifting tickets to “Hamilton” to her friends in exchange for campaign donations
  • Failing to manage the city of Albany to the point where the county has had to repeatedly step in
  • Siphoning $520,000 of tax money for unitemized “personal expenses” in the 2020 budget during the financial hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic while pretending to take a pay cut.

The full issue of charges, the unveiling of Purdy’s plan and vision for Albany can be viewed in its entirety below:

Published by Alicia Purdy

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