Alicia Purdy Speaks to Donors About Albany’s Future, Albany Primary

July 1, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy addressed the results of the June 22nd Democrat primary and shared words of hope and vision to a full house at the Albany Pump Station during her first fundraiser of the campaign season.

According to Purdy, “One third of the abysmal turnout on Primary Day was against incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan and very few within her own party even bothered to show up, which is significant and sends a clear message that Albany has lost faith in its leadership. Primary Day unfolded exactly according to my prediction with a historically low performance at the polls. It’s not that people are apathetic in Albany as some media outlets have claimed. The reality is that people in Albany are sick of the status quo and that was clearly reflected at the polls.”

During her speech, Purdy exposed the unresponsive journalism and lackluster reporting from local media about her campaign, and she revealed the name of her plan for transforming the city of Albany, which will be formally unveiled in the coming days. And, she said:

“As “The People’s Mayor”, I think differently about people in the city of Albany, differently than anyone else has in the past 100 years. The current administration sees people as the problem. Alicia Purdy, “The People’s Mayor” sees people as the solution. That is what transforms a city. That is what guides spending. That is what addresses crime and holds people accountable for their actions. People, not policies, are the solution to the problems we have. You cannot bury problems under more money, and more programs. After the worst decade this city has ever seen, people in Albany are ready to move in a new direction with their leadership- and now that I’ve stepped up, there is finally hope for our future.”

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