Alicia Purdy Speaks with Disability Rights NY

June 17, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy participated in a forum with Disability Rights NY, a protection and advocacy system and client assistance program that advocates for the civil and legal rights for New Yorkers with disabilities. During the forum, participants asked Purdy questions about her perspectives on protecting and advocating for Albany’s disabled population.

According to Purdy:

“I am a firm believer that adaptations for disabled persons have universal benefit. As someone who grew up with a physically disabled individual in the home, I am well aware of the shortcomings that Albany has in how the disabled community are accommodated. From snow removal on sidewalks to cutouts to access sidewalks, to lagging, sloppy trash removal to a failure to replace the batteries in verbal crossing signals, housing, mental health support and more, Albany’s disabled residents are continually overlooked and dismissed, shoved to the back of the line for spending and are largely ignored by City Hall and its lackluster leadership- who couldn’t be bothered to attend this forum. In fact, I was gravely disappointed when I was informed at the event itself that, in the midst of the forum, another tired, tone deaf statement about caring for the disabled had been issued in lieu of actually being present for Albany’s disabled residents.”

“As “The People’s Mayor”, my platform is the people of Albany, which no other mayor in our city’s history has ever bothered to build upon, and I will address the liveability of all of Albany’s residents without pandering, hat in hand, to the wealthy or bowing in fear to the mobs. Every resident in Albany is important and valued- rich or poor, abled or disabled, young or old, of every color, lifestyle, religion and culture- all will finally have a choice and a voice with The People’s Mayor. As a community of diverse individuals, our best days are head of us, as a new administration prepares to take office and revitalize the city of Albany for the people who live here.”

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