Alicia Purdy Talks Post-Mayoral Forum Review with Focus on Albany

June 15, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spoke about her experience during the June mayoral forum with Cynthia Pooler, host of “Focus on Albany”, and addressed how the upcoming elections in November will affect the city of Albany with a transformation in leadership.

According to Purdy:

“People in Albany were thrilled to see their candidates square off on the city’s most important issues. One hundred years of single-party rule in our great city has exhausted our city’s resources, financially drained its residents and driven away taxpaying, hard-working people into the suburbs. If those issues weren’t bad enough, crime has brought us all to our breaking point. As a journalist, I have been deeply disappointed in our local media who have, unfortunately, sought to control the narrative by omission in favor of one candidate over another. Albany’s mayoral forum was a great opportunity to let the people of Albany get to know me better, which they deserve, and Cynthia Pooler is to be commended for her even-handed approach to local politics and giving airtime to all candidates, especially at the crucial mayoral level.”

“I look forward to participating in future events. In the forum and in my interview with Cynthia, I did what I will always do- speak honestly about the issues, without dodging questions or reframing the truth, and be up front with what I bring to the table- and it is my hope that the residents of Albany will be better served by the local TV stations, radio and print media they so trust.”

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