Local Couple Discusses Liveability Issues with Alicia Purdy

June 14, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy released another installment of “The Listening Tour”, a series of conversations with people she meets on the campaign trail who hail from all walks of life around the city of Albany. Sam and Wilson recently watched helplessly as a young child was hit by a car on a street they have repeatedly asked the mayor’s office for help with. Alicia Purdy listens as they share the issue that affect their daily lives in Albany and why “The People’s Mayor” is what the city needs for lasting transformation.

According to Purdy:

“Albany neighbors Sam and Wilson have taken many of the city’s children into their home. They care for their street. They are well-known in their neighborhood and want to see their city thrive. Yet, they have been affected by gun violence, a lack of proper care on their street and a deaf ear at City Hall. This, sadly, is just one of many stories in our city where everyday people struggle without much-needed city resources put toward their liveability, even as construction is ramping up on the Skyway, costing millions and putting the tax burden squarely on the shoulders of Albany’s residents when the investors leave town.”

“The People’s Mayor” campaign is truly about the people and that resonates with them. The appalling mismanagement of the city’s budget and our many resources has led to our shabby, shantytown reputation in the capital city of New York State. Even apart from crime, our city is overrun with lawless behavior and our trashy appearance attracts crime. It’s a shame, and it will never change until the city’s leadership changes and that is what compels me each day to work hard for the people of Albany and our collective future.”

Contact: Alicia@AliciaPurdy4Mayor.com

Published by Alicia Purdy

Alicia Purdy is an independent, multi-media journalist with an M.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Broadcasting. Learn more at: www.PurdyAlicia.com.

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