Alicia Purdy Recognizes National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Month

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June 8, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy recognized National Gun Violence Awareness Day on June 5th by walking with communities from in and around the city during the “Stop the Violence Unity March”. The march, which was supported by numerous concerned groups throughout Albany like 518 Snug and Urban Grief, began at Swinburne Park and went down to the area around the Grand St. Community Arts Center where participants continued to highlight lives lost and to speak out on the national issue of increased civilian violence with illegal guns, which continues to have devastating local impacts.

According to Purdy:

“Albany deserves a mayor who is willing to get to where the people are, to listen to their voices, and to strive to understand their perspectives. Unfortunately, the city of Albany – across all demographics – feels unheard and unseen and that will not change without a transformative shift in leadership. When it comes to civilian acts of violence with illegal guns, I have been clear from the beginning of my campaign that the social, emotional and financial pressure of single-minded, groupthink on this subject in Albany is leading to the death of Albany’s residents, disproportionally traumatizing our African American community. The perspective in City Hall about what it means to care for and protect black lives in Albany has not led to any meaningful movement toward the actual deliverable of improving and saving black lives in our city.

“The leadership in Albany has set its residents up to fail with policies that are soft on crime, excuse-making for the lawlessness that pervades our streets, reactive policing and bland community safety efforts, and the historically racist governing policies in Albany that continue to suppress black voices, keep them impoverished and put black residents in Albany directly in harm’s way. Civilian violence with illegal guns must be met with swift action and a concentrated effort from law enforcement, law makers, and the communities themselves, as well as with creative thinking, and input from others who have weathered this terrible storm. However, with the fractured approach to these issues in the current administration and the endless committee meetings and lack of cohesion among influential city leadership, I have a grave concern for the black lives in Albany leading into the summer. Albany needs a mayor whom all residents of the city can trust, respect and work with, and until we have that, as a first step, black lives will continue to suffer from 100 years of a ruling party with status quo, holding pattern, shelter-in-place approaches to their urgent needs.”

During the “Unite” march, Purdy spent time walking, speaking with and observing the voices raised from the diverse group of people who had united to speak out about the violence that has permeated their communities. Pictured above, Alicia Purdy stands with Jerome Brown, Director at Albany’s 518 SNUG and Lisa W. Good, founder and coordinator of the community based project called Urban Grief which works to increase awareness about trauma, and grief/loss, associated with violence exposure.

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Below is a brief video taken during the march. Alicia’s additional remarks on the event can be heard at the 11 min. mark:

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