Alicia Purdy Talks Campaign, Plans and Platform with ABC’s WTEN

May 30, Albany, N.Y. — Mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spoke with local ABC affiliate News Channel 10 about her reaction to the recent gun violence that has affected the city.

“My reaction, like everybody else in the city of Albany, is shock, dismay, pain, sadness, fear,” Purdy said. Changing this, according to Purdy, starts with a drastic transformation in leadership. According to Purdy, a new mayor won’t magically make all the city’s problems disappear, but it’s the first and most important step toward getting the city back on track.

“One of the things I tell people, is be careful of the promises made in an election year by incumbent leadership,” Purdy said, “because if nothing has changed, nothing will change, and everything just becomes rhetoric.”

Purdy feels the city’s approach to crime is passive and reactive instead of preventative.

“When they come out and say, ‘This has to stop, we demand better,’ I don’t buy it, because what is the motivation to change? Because it’s “getting bad”? It’s been getting bad for decades,” said Purdy.

Click here to read the rest of the interview with News Channel 10.

View the interviews by clicking on the videos below

VIDEO 1: Alicia Purdy speaks with WTEN’s Guiliana Bruno about the city’s spike in violent crime.

VIDEO 2: An extended interview with Alicia Purdy about her perspective on leading Albany into a new season, addressing the city’s many needs and how her platform presents something Albany has never seen before.

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Extended interview with News Channel 10


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