Press Release: Alicia Purdy Launches “The Listening Tour”

May 27, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy has announced the launch of “The Listening Tour” as part of the next leg of her campaign for Mayor of Albany. Purdy, who is running as “The People’s Mayor” frequently travels around the city of Albany and speaks with everyday people about their personal experiences as residents in New York’s capital city.

What is one thing Alicia Purdy has learned while filming The Listening Tour?

According to Purdy:

“One of the most surprising things I have learned about the city of Albany is how many times residents have taken the initiative to reach out to the mayor’s office about issues that matter to them, only to have their calls, emails, public comments and even visits, completely disregarded, their needs never met. These issues range in nature from a dark area in the South End where it’s dangerous at night and simply needs the light bulbs replaced, to exposed, live wires on the ground in the Whitehall area to blighted buildings everywhere the city ignores that are filled with vermin which creep into neighbor’s homes– and the list goes on!”

As “The People’s Mayor”, I am committed not only to listening to the people, but also to taking action on their many needs- at last! Under my leadership, the city of Albany will have a completely overhauled system of citizen communication where people will have a clear path to important city information and accessing city leadership, and will finally have their voices heard, their needs met and their issues addressed.”

Click below to watch the inaugural episode of “The Listening Tour” with Alicia Purdy, The People’s Mayor.


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