PRESS RELEASE: Alicia Purdy Issues Statement on Shooting Deaths and Albany’s Continued Gun Violence

May 24, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Alicia Purdy, the Republican and Conservative candidate for Mayor of Albany, issued a statement regarding the escalation of shootings and deaths from gun violence that have terrorized the city for the past several weeks.

“…this election will be the most significant election in a generation in this city…”

According to Purdy, Albany’s leadership has been grossly compromised over the past two terms by myopic agendas and policies that waste precious, city resources and put the residents of the city at continued, significant risk. In the city of Albany, year-to-date, homicides have doubled over last year. Random, daytime shootings have taken place multiple times in the past four days alone, striking down high school graduates, local business owners and other innocent citizens. In the past several weeks, police have recovered piles of empty shell casings from around the dead bodies that lay in the streets.

In her statement, Purdy pointed out that the election in November will set the tone for the future of Albany and she urged Albany residents to stand up and insist with their vote that the city of Albany has had enough of systemic leadership failures.

According to Purdy:

Our hearts are shattered today and as the summer unfolds, our story will continue to be written- but how will it end? My heart, my efforts, my passion, my tears and my prayers are with my friends and neighbors in the city of Albany I’ve heard the anger. The mistrust. The pain. The suspicion that no one really cares and nothing will ever change. My heart is broken for the people who have been devastated and will forever carry their pain with them... The answers aren’t easy. These are painful, ugly, long-standing issues we grapple with, but our city is not too far gone. This city can be turned around – but not without a fundamental transformation in leadership...”

“…as the summer draws near, our story is still being written, but how will it end?”

View the full statement from The People’s Mayor, Alicia Purdy, here:

Note to Press & Media

To schedule an interview or obtain a comment, contact Alicia Purdy directly. If you are on a deadline, please note that in your communication. Remember that the people of Albany rely on you to present the facts of the city’s mayoral race, to give each candidate on the ballot an equal amount of on-air/print exposure, and to remain neutral in your coverage of each candidate.


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