PRESS RELEASE: Alicia Purdy Issues Statement Regarding Albany Protests

For immediate release

ALBANY, N.Y., April 26, 2021 — The following statement was issued by Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy, regarding the protests, riots and ensuing occupation surrounding the Albany Police Department’s South Station on Arch Street:

“I watched in dismay and horror, along with my fellow residents in Albany, as events unfolded over a six-day period downtown as Black Lives Matter protestors escalated their demonstrations into a full-blown assault on and occupation of the areas surrounding South Station.

Along with my fellow residents in Albany and countless thousands of others:

  1. I witnessed Albany police officers being subjected to unrestrained abuse.
  2. I saw protestors deface the South Station with spray paint, hate speech signage, feces, urine and trash.
  3. With tears in my eyes, I watched BLM organizers viciously attack Capital City Rescue Mission CEO Perry Jones, and I read his open letter to Mayor Kathy Sheehan begging for help.
  4. I saw protestors climbing on top of Albany police cars, smoking, drinking and waving BLM flags.
  5. I witnessed protestors shouting hate speech and profanity day and night, sleeping in tents, setting fires in the streets and tormenting friends and neighbors who live in that area.

I wondered, along with my fellow Albany residents, why current mayor, Kathy Sheehan, and current police chief, Eric Hawkins:

  1. Did not step forward to make any public statements during the 6-day occupation,
  2. Did not call for an immediate end to the assault,
  3. Did not offer public support to the Albany Police,
  4. Did not make any public attempts to facilitate peace nor calm protestors,
  5. Did not enforce city codes pertaining to public behavior,
  6. Did not protect the residents of Albany who live in the surrounding areas from endless noise, fires, drug use, profanity, violence and domestic terrorism perpetuated by protestors,
  7. Did not call for reinforcements or other aid on the first day, the second day, the third day, the fourth day, or the fifth day.
  8. Did not remove the occupation encampment immediately.

I share with my fellow residents a deep sense of betrayal and shame for how Mayor Sheehan and Police Chief Eric Hawkins handled the occupation situation.

Before the occupation incident, on the first night of the BLM movement coming into Albany, when the protest descended into an anarchist state of chaos, destruction and debauchery, Mayor Kathy Sheehan issued a statement in which she said, in part, that Albany is, “…a city of protestors…”, and in which she said in part, “…we welcome protestors…”.

As a candidate for Mayor of the City of Albany:

  1. I denounce and reject Kathy Sheehan’s statements in their entirety.
  2. I support the Albany Police Department and their right to work in an environment free from domestic terrorism and abuse.
  3. I reject the vitriol, violence, mayhem and anarchy of any and all protests that would seek to use chaos and fear as a means of communication.
  4. I condemn Mayor Sheehan’s absenteeism and permissive facilitation of mayhem and her failure to act quickly to uphold the law and protect the residents of Albany.
  5. I condemn Chief Eric Hawkins’ thinly veiled blame shifting onto APD.
  6. I commit that, as mayor, I will not tolerate domestic terrorism in any form, and that all forms of insurrection will be met with a swift end.”

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