As your Mayor, I commit to you:

  • Full funding and staffing for the Albany Police Department and a stronger role of civilian support in public safety.
  • Aggressive, proactive pursuit of removing or restoring blighted buildings, and a clearer path to home ownership for residents
  • Facilitation of sustainable, ongoing communication between community leaders and city leaders.
  • Immediate financial support to develop and open cutting-edge youth centers.
  • A fiscally-conservative approach to distributing COVID relief money to ensure direct benefit to the people of Albany.

Operation: TRANSFORM is my people-focused approach to leading our city and it is the solution to our success!

We can all see that the city of Albany is in desperate need of TRANSFORMATION. We can all see that Albany’s leadership has failed to protect and support its people.

Under the current administration’s failed leadership, HOMICIDE has skyrocketed, BLIGHT has overtaken our beauty and quality of life is at an all-time low.

Transforming Albany begins with a mayor who prioritizes PEOPLE over politics!

Operation: TRANSFORM is my plan to bring our city into a new season of success!

Alicia Purdy is “The People’s Mayor”

Albany by the Numbers


218% increase

*year over year over the past 5 years


23% of residents

*42.3% greater than the poverty level of 13.0% across the entire state of New York


Top 2% Most Taxed City

*Albany is in the TOP 5 most taxed cities in the Capital Region, taxed more than 97% of surrounding cities

ALICIA PURDY is the right Mayor for Albany’s TRANSFORMATION.

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